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General Information

      You can find our cabins in front of a majestic landscape with the best view of the valley. They are located in the center of "Tafi del Valle", they are situated in foothill of the Pelao the top of the mountain is 2,680 meters over sea level. This mountain divides to the valley in two.

      The name of "Tafí del Valle" comes from the diaguita word Taktikllakta (of the Kakán language) that means "Town of splendid entrance". The entire surface is of 3,600 km2, Its 1,991 meters over sea level. It has an stable population of 7,000 inhabitants.

      It has a Mild semi-arid climate, with some light snow during winter. The tempeture doesnt exced 58°F during wintertime. In summer the higgest tempeture do not reach the 90°F.

      For the fishing fans, this is the the perfect destination. They can enjoy the lake of "La Angostura", where they will be able to practice and enjoy different water sports.

Offered services

      We have full equipped equipped two room's cabins, ready for six people, with private bathroom. The kitchen has a complete set of dishes for six (6) people and independent hot water sistem for each cabin.

      Each cabin has a big living room with dinning, with heat sistem. The living room has a Firplace and cable TV. The gallery has a fantastic view of the surrounding.

      The cabins have its own parking lot and a comfortable barbecue place. We offered an optional maid service

      The reception is open the twenty-four (24) hours.

Attended by its owners - Opened all the year